Friday, 10 November 2017

TCS aspire Agile Methodology questions & Answers

1. Which of these advocates the anti-gold-plating mechanism of Agile?
Ans: Simplicity-the art of maximizing the amount of work not done-is essential

2. Scrum master is responsible for?

Ans: The Scrum process being adopted and used properly

3. Which scrum artifact helps in tracking progress?

Ans: Sprint burn down chart

4. A team is embarking on a release planning exercise. Which of the following is a required output of a release planning exercise?

Ans: All of the above (A release backlog with estimates, Stories tentatively allocated to iterations, An initial list of risks and open issues)

5. In Daily Standup, team reports status to Scrum master.
Ans: False

6. It is mandatory that the product increment be released to production at the end of each sprint

Ans: False

7. Who owns quality in a Scrum team?

Ans: Scrum team

8. A sustainable pace means?

Ans: The team Should establish a velocity which can be sustained within normal working hours

9. Definition of Done is only a Story

Ans: False

10. A good scrum team should exhibit the following desirable qualities?

Ans: The team is self-organizing

11. Poker planning is a size estimation technique

Ans: True

12. What would you expect to see on the back of a story card?

Ans: Acceptance criteria

13. Which of the following statements is correct regarding deliverables from an Agile project?

Ans: The products are of good quality, have a faster time to market and meet customer's exact needs

14. Which of the following options is correct about the changing requirements in software development?

Ans: Inevitable

15. The 3Cs of an user story are

Ans: Card. Conversation, Confirmation

16. Who should attend Scrum retrospective?

Ans: Entire scrum team

17. Release Planning is a practice from Scrum?

Ans: False

18. Agile methods mostly focus on which of the following options?

Ans: Producing value, both current and future

19. What are the three levels of planning that MOST agile teams are concerned with?

Ans: Release, Iteration, Day

20. As product owner, which of the listed guidelines should you follow while creating the Product Backlog?

(a) Split high priority customer requirements that are too big into multiple smaller stories
(b) Update the Product Backlog whenever the customer or development team comes up with new requirements
(c) Prioritize the requirements based on business value and risk

21. An Agile team...

Ans: Collaborates and supports its team members

22. Which of the following best describes the approach for determining the iteration length?

Ans: The team should agree on the length of the iteration taking the size and complexity of the project into consideration

23. The team is having the first Sprint Planning meeting. What are the activities that the team must perform during the meeting?

(b) Team members should decide upon the work they can commit to in the sprint
(d) The team should split the selected stories into sprint backlog tasks 

24. Your team is working on a Backlog. Assume that the developers have already estimated the stories in the Backlog and have come up with 150 story points. The team's historical velocity is at 20 story points per 2 weeks iteration. How many iterations will be needed to finish a theme?

Ans: 8 iterations

25. Agile Manifesto has 4 values and ..... principles?

Ans: 12.0

26. Product owner and Scrum master can be the same person

Ans: False

27. Pair Programming is a XP Practice?

Ans: True

28. The time box for a daily scrum is?

Ans: 15 min

29. You are hired to paint an unfamiliar house. Let's suppose you estimate the effort on painting each of the smaller bedrooms to be worth 5 points. What would be your estimate for the master bedroom if it is about twice the size of the smaller bedrooms?

Ans: 10 points

30. If there is a significant defect open on last day of sprint, from definition of Done Perspective, is the sprint end increment DONE?

Ans: No its not DONE

31. Your project has a very aggressive timeline and has adopted the Agile(SCRUM) way of working. What techniques can help in better learning and sharing?

Ans: All of these (Organize frequent knowledge sharing sessions, Paired responsibilities, Conduct retrospectives at the end of each sprint)

32. The Product owner in an Agile project...

Ans: Collaborates with the developers over prioritization of features, but he/she has the final decision

33. Which of the following best describes the approach for determining the iteration length?

Ans: The team should agree on the length of the iteration taking the size and complexity of the project into consideration

34. How many roles are defined in a scrum?

Ans: 3.0

35. Which of the following are attributes of an Agile team?
Ans: All of these (Courage to change and adapt, Trust to fellow team members to do the work, Responsiveness to change)

36. The recommended approach to design in an Agile project is:
Ans: Just enough design upfront

37. During a sprint the developers should be?
Ans: Able to contact to the Product Owner to clarify different aspects of the work

38. What is Kanban?
Ans: A visible chart of work to do, work in progress and work done

39. The Agile way is...
Ans: To produce working product of the right quality, early and incrementally

40. What does NOT match with Agile manifesto?
Ans: Processes and tools over individuals and interactions

41. In the popularization technique called "MoSCoW", the "M" stands for?
Ans: Must Have

42. The reason for holding regular Retrospectives is:
Ans: It allows learning which can be used to improve team performance

43. A development team determines that it has over-committed itself for a sprint. In such a situation, who should be present when reviewing and adjusting the work selected?
Ans: The Product Owner and the Development team

44. What do all Agile approaches have in common?
Ans: Iterative and incremental development

45. During an estimation meeting 3 team members are making an estimation for a story. Individually they estimate the story at 1, 3 and 8 story points. Which estimate should they use?
Ans: They should continue discussing the story until their estimates gets closer

46. The Agile process...
Ans: Encourages the team to meet regularly

47. Team A finished 43 story points in its last two-week iteration. Team B is working on a separate project and has twice as many developers. It also completed 43 story points in its last two-week iteration. What does it imply?
Ans: You cannot say anything for sure

48. The Agile approach to documentation is:
Ans: Do the necessary documentation to support the development and use of the product

49. Scrum master is introducing scrum to new development team. The development team feels a retrospective is unnecessary. What action should the scrum master take?

Ans: Begin facilitating productive, useful retrospectives

50. An Agile approach advocates which of the following approaches?

Ans: Get something business-valuable delivered as quickly as possible, consistent with the right level of quality

51. Why is the Daily Scrum held at the same time and same place?
Ans: The consistency reduces complexity and overhead

52. What is the purpose of sprint burn down chart?
Ans: It is used to measure how much work is left to be done

53. Daily standup meetings are not recommended for small items
Ans: False

54. Who is responsible for Product backlog?
Ans: Product Owner

55. The person who addressed ill defined or tricky problems as wicked problems?
Ans: Horst Rittel 


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